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MrJones Interiors

Frequently Asked Questions


How does the design process work and how much does it cost?


The process starts with a visit from Paula, who will take measurements and talk to you about what you want, what you like, dislike and your budget.


She will then go away and design schemes to suit your tastes and needs within your budget.


At a second meeting Paula will explain the designs and show you samples and sketches etc. She will also give you costings for the work. At this stage you can either make final decisions based on what you have seen or think about your requirements for a while longer.


These consultations (including the schemes subsequently created) cost £60 per hour. Unfortunately we have to change extra if you require Mood boards because creating them is very time consuming.


If, at this stage, you want MrJones Interiors to carry on with the work as estimated, on a room-by-room basis the consultation/scheme fees are waived, however a deposit is needed, and specially ordered furniture and fittings must be pre-paid in full.


You may feel further meetings are necessary to clarify any small points, no further charges are made for meetings or on-site visits once you agree to our completing the project as estimated.


Paula will then prepare detailed instructions and drawings for any hand-made items and order materials and furnishings. The materials, drawings and instructions will be passed on to our makers who will start to make your items. Meanwhile dates will be planned and tradesmen booked for any work needed in your house, for example, decorating, plumbing, curtain tracking etc.


Tradesmen will be employed to maximum efficiency and economy but we will work around your schedules as far as is possible. The last work done is usually the fitting of curtain tracks and preparing for and then hanging window dressings. Furniture may then be positioned.


We need payment for the balance of the project at this stage.


Large projects (whole houses and newly built extensions, for example) will incur a project management fee. This is 9% of the final cost of the project and will be added at the end. You will be told and asked to agree to this in your initial estimate if it applies in your case. You can opt for us to project manage any improvement to your home, large or small, for the same fee.


We will always tell you in your initial estimate and before you agree to our starting work, if we think we have to add any extra fees or expenses to the cost of your project.



How long does it all take?


After the initial meeting the designer will usually be able to return with designs and schemes within two weeks, sometimes sooner.


From taking your deposit and instructing our makers it will be (depending on the number and complexity of your items) about 6 to 8 weeks before we are able to return to fit them. If there is a lot of decorating or construction involved this period could be extended.


The vast majority of projects are completely finished in 6 to 10 weeks.



What about credit cards?


We can accept card payments, but it's quite expensive for us. To recoup some of the costs w charge a 2% fee.



Can I use my own tradesmen?


Yes you can, but we'd rather you didn't.


If we use our own tradesmen we can keep a close eye on timescales and quality of workmanship and so are able to control the budget and easily fix any unforeseen problems or time over-runs.


We are also more comfortable using workers we know and trust.



How do I clean my soft furnishings?


If, as part of the project, any existing curtains, carpets or upholstery need to be cleaned we will use our preferred cleaning company. They are a national and highly reputed company and have all the expertise necessary for small spot areas as well as whole rooms. Additionally they have all the necessary insurances to give you maximum peace of mind.


We can also offer you stain repellant treatment for all our newly installed soft furnishings. Again this is done by our preferred company who will visit your home to carry out the work. Remember; this will not stop your furnishings from getting dirty but will make cleaning them afterwards much easier. Most of our soft furnishings can not be washed and must be dry cleaned by an experienced or specialist company.


Some stain repellents on carpets wear off in time, and so must be re-applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.



What areas do you cover?


We're happy to travel anywhere, however our main area is the South East, from London to the South Coast.


If you'd like us to travel further we may make a charge for travel and "away from home" expenses, such as a meal or a hotel room. If you live in an area subject to parking or congestion charges we may add these costs to your bill.


We will always tell you in your initial estimate and before you agree to our starting work, if we think we have to add any extra fees or expenses to the cost of your project.



Do you sell upholstered furniture or can you re-upholster my existing?


Yes and yes! We have a large selection of furniture available from our suppliers, or we can re-upholster your own. Although re-upholstery is not always possible, it is often a viable option because buying a piece of furniture of the same build quality as your old piece can often cost more. It's also kinder to the environment, and you know it fits your room!



Do you offer a design-only service?


Yes. Room schemes are charged on a "per room" basis and can include Two visits, one to discuss your needs, another to explain the designs Colour and general verbal advice, samples and examples


We charge extra for mood boards and detailed written summaries (which include sketches and plans). Every one's needs are different and we are very flexible, so please get in touch to discuss your ideas.


Where are you and what is your trading status, opening times?


Paula Michelle Trading as MrJones Interiors is a Partnership based in Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham


Opening Times:

Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday by appointment


We understand it's often difficult to find the time to visit us; we're more than happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to either be at our showroom for you, or visit you in your home.



What are your terms and conditions?


Our standard terms and conditions can be seen here. We are very flexible and will endeavour to meet any special requirements you may have. We will put any special requirements or practices in writing for you in the initial stages of any proposal or project.



Who designed your web site?


Some one called Kevin. You can contact him from his web site at



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