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Home Staging


Whilst selling your home in the current economic climate isn't difficult, getting the full market value or asking price for it is. In a buyer's market, you're much more likely to to be asked for a substantial discount or you may even be overlooked completely for similar properties on the market.


As a seller you're often too close to the problem to see why prospective buyers are being put off. After all it is your home, where you do everything from sleep to entertain family and friends, everything from brush your teeth to mow the lawn.


Our traffic light based reporting system will help you get more positive viewers, and make it much more likely that you'll achieve the market rate for your property. Everything is examined, from first glance impressions to more psychological factors that could be impinging on saleability.


The report will be broken down into simple sections; from those that are absolutely essential; through easy and cheap to fix; to less important (or more expensive) issues that would nevertheless increase your chances if addressed.


Paula has been house staging on an informal level, as part of her usual help and advice service for years and has had impressive results. She's now offering this service to new clients, who will receive a comprehensive Traffic Light Report, additional help and advice as well as the benefit of her long list of T4's (Trusted, Tried & Tested Tradesmen) to help you carry out the improvements.


Home staging consultations will last from two to four hours (depending on the size and readiness-for-sale of your property) and cost £250. Money well spent if it means you make an extra £10K or £20K at exchange of contract.  |  01344 454 879